Half Term Handmade & Awesome Printable and Giveaway

Happy half term to you all!

I’m sure you have a ton of stuff planned for you and your kiddos over the school break, but just in case it chucks it down more than normal and you’re stuck indoors, here is a Handmade & Awesome colouring-in page for you to get stuck into. Simply print out and colour in.

Handmade & Awesome Colouring In – DOWNLOAD ME!

I would LOVE to see what colour combos you come up with. Share on Instagram using #colouritawesome and the best one will get a set of my Birthday Cake Cards as a prize!

Handmade & Awesome Colouring In
Felt Tips
Cleo Cobb Birthday Cake Cards
Handmade & Awesome Colouring In

Reading and Listening Space for Rachel Keeling Nursery School – Finished

You may remember my posts about creating a reading and listening space for Rachel Keeling Nursery School here in Tower Hamlets. I managed to tell you about the ideas stage and some of the production stage in those posts, but never got to blog about the construction and completion of it! Even though I had enlisted the help of my wonderful, talented and very patient boyfriend to get the project done, the project over ran… by a lot! We started during term time, which I thought would be a great idea as our children would be in school/nursery so we could get lots done. This turned out to be a very bad plan as we couldn’t really do much while all the nursery kids were actually in the nursery. So the remainder of the project moved into the school holidays, but with Malcolm back at work and then having to tag team the parenting responsibilities around the construction, it took A LONG TIME! Anyway, I had to move so quickly on to the next project, those posts got overlooked so I’m going to tell you about it now. Continue Reading →

A New Year and a New Handmade & Awesome Schedule

Holy moly! Epic blog fail, I haven’t written a post for months…

But I have a new resolve and a new super schedule. The plan is to portion out my week so that, in between making Handmade & Awesome Tees, I can chip away at all the ideas and plans I have so that nothing gets neglected. It may be similar to a New Year’s resolution that gets abandoned by March, but that shouldn’t stop me giving it a go, right?

So in the schedule, fitted around two days of part time work and one day at the market, is time for product development, accounting and financial planning (yawn), website house keeping, social networking, dedicate family time, exercise and some housekeeping (double yawn). Actually, I was listening to a great webinar this week Continue Reading →

Fairy and Unicorn Potions in the Park

When we woke up on Sunday, it was a glorious day. The sun was shinning and it was the perfect day to hit the park. We live opposite the fab Victoria Park in East London. The playgrounds are fantastic, but on a sunny Sunday, they can be a bit mental. So I thought we could use the park in a different way. I had seen the idea of making fairy potions in the garden on a great site called Happy Hooligans and I wondered if we could do a out and about version. So we did. Continue Reading →

Our Emergency Easter Bonnet Project

So this is from a couple of weeks ago, right at the end of term when my eldest turned to me in a complete cliche and said

“We have to have a hat for the parade tomorrow”

I hold my hands up, I should have seen it coming. I am a complete primary school mum amateur, but I was absorbed in the nursery project and so failed to spot this completely. I have learnt my Easter craft lesson and Flo and I are already in talks for next year’s attempt.

In a creative panic, we used what was in the house. Continue Reading →

Designing an Inspiring Reading and Listening Space for Rachel Keeling Nursery School – An Update

Work towards creating the listening and reading space at Rachel Keeling has been under way. As usual, I’ve been getting lots done, but forgetting to document it here. Hello Cleo? That’s what blogs are for! I am still struggling with the ‘of the moment’ nature of blogging.

So far I’ve spent three sessions in the nursery creating the printed fabric that will be the canopy over the listening and reading area. Continue Reading →

Handmade & Awesome visit the Craft Hobby and Stitch Show 2014

I’ve come to the Craft Hobby and Stitch Show at the Birmingham NEC. I’m pretty sure the last time I was here, it was 1991 and I came to Lenny Kravitz.

So why am I here? I thought it might be a good research trip. I’ve sort of decided I’m looking for workshop inspiration. Cleo Cobb – Handmade & Awesome will hold 6 or so workshops in 2014. I’m pretty sure what most of those projects will be, but there is always room for new ideas. I am also secretly hoping to find a stand demonstrating a Silhouette Cameo or an equivalent product.

It takes me about three hours to get around the stands Continue Reading →

Designing an Inspiring Reading and Listening Space for Rachel Keeling Nursery School

Last week I got the go-ahead on a very exciting project.

I’ve been meeting with Becky Dolamore, The Deputy Head Teacher at Rachel Keeling Nursery School and Rebekah Lattin-Rawstrone, one of the school’s Community Governors, to discuss the creation of an inspiring space in the nursery where children can read books, listen to music or audio stories and take time out from the more energetic activities of the nursery.

As soon as Rebekah mentioned the project at the end of last year,  Continue Reading →

Pinterest inferiority complexes, blog honesty and binge watching Netflix

A very late Happy New Year!

It’s almost the end of January and I am still struggling to break into the new year. I can’t shake off the Christmas holiday and so I’m attempting to force my way into it with this reflective post.

There were a few different reasons for starting this blog. One was to capture and document the creative efforts I could make, if any, while caring for my then infant children so that I didn’t blow my brains out. I had my kids fairly close together (there are 19 months between them) and I found early motherhood intense and sometimes very isolating. Keeping track of some tangible parts of the days was really useful to me as. Although it’s often described as “the most important job in the world”, it often seemed like all I managed to do was keep everyone alive.

Another major motivation for sharing my experience of trying to be creative AND a full time mum, was to do some myth busting. Continue Reading →

Christmas Fairs in East London 2013

It’s Christmas Fair time!

I enjoyed getting out and about with my Handmade & Awesome stuff so much last year, so I’m doing it all again and with some extra fairs added.

I’ll be at four fairs this year and all the dates, times and address are below. It would be so great to see you so if you’re about, come and say ‘hello’.

The Eastend W.I. Christmas Market
Tuesday the 3rd of December
7pm – 9.30/10.00pm
St. Margaret’s House Settlement
21 Old Ford Road
E2 9PL
This is a women only event with a £4 admission charge for non members

Christmas Baby Shower
Thursday the 5th of December
9.30am – 11.30 am
ELT Baptist Church
Burdett Road
E3 4TU
This is a free fair with a kid’s corner and free cake!

Chisenhale Christmas Fair
Friday the 6th of December
3.30pm – 5.30pm
Chisenhale Primary School
Chisenhale Road
E3 5QY
Father Christmas will be at this one.

The Bow Winter Craft Market
Saturday the 7th of December
11am – 4pm
St Paul’s Church
St Stephans Road
E3 5JL
A debut event, organised by two super duper Tower Hamlets mums.

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