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Fairy and Unicorn Potions in the Park

When we woke up on Sunday, it was a glorious day. The sun was shinning and it was the perfect day to hit the park. We live opposite the fab Victoria Park in East London. The playgrounds are fantastic, but on a sunny Sunday, they can be a bit mental. So I thought we could use the park in a different way. I had seen the idea of making fairy potions in the garden on a great site called Happy Hooligans and I wondered if we could do a out and about version. So we did.

I made a packed lunch, never-ending snacks and collected the following for our Fairy/Unicorn Potion adventure.

Two freezer bags (for collecting fallen flowers, leaves, pods etc)
Two pairs of kids’ scissors
Two empty bottles with tops
Small pot of sequins
Small pot of glitter
Some plastic spoons
Two cut down plastic milk bottles for bowls
A collection of shells
Food colouring (yellow and red)

Once we had collected some daises, pods, leaves and dandelion fluff on a bike ride round the park, we found a spot not too far from a drinking fountain. That way we could fill up our empty bottles with water.

The girls got stuck in It and it kept them very happy and entertained. Once they had a good potion, they decanted it into their shells and we left them in a bush, under a tree for the fairies and unicorns. I think the fairies and unicorns were pretty stoked with the mixtures, because when the girls came back from a run around, all the potion was gone!

GIrls and Fairy Potion Ingrediants and tools
Flo's Potion Ingrediants and tools
Sequins and glitter
Food Colouring
Flo pouring water
Dolly pouring water
Dolly pouring food colouring
Adding glitter
Busy making fairy potions
Snipping flowers
Ripping leaves
Close up of Flo's Mixture
Close up of Dolly's mixture
Close up of spooning into shells
Girls peering at mixture
Fairy Food in Shells

One thought on “Fairy and Unicorn Potions in the Park

  1. What a fab idea! My girls would love this… you should write a inspiring idea pocket book that comes with all newborns! xxx

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